Our Story

Welcome to one part of my world!

This was all created by me, Glow. For those who don't know me, I am an ASMRtist on Youtube. I grew up with a mom who had a candle in each room, with very distinct scents. She loved perfumes too. So naturally I developed the same love for fragrances. They remind us of past memories and create the right ambiance for unforgettable moments. 

I've collected tons of candles growing up, so it just felt right to come to create my own.

These candles are all made in the basement of my home, by myself. I chose and mixed all my scents carefully, poured the candles, packed them for them to get to you safely. 

I put so much time to learn the art of the candle, but I am still learning. All your feedback is always welcome, I'm always willing to do better in the range of what is possible to me. 

Definitely hop by the FAQ for questions you have, and if yours is not answered, then click the 'Contact Us' tab and send us a little something! 

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I SO hope you'll find and enjoy YOUR scent!